Thursday, April 9, 2009

Short Story Alert

If I were smarter with this machine I might have known how to bring Post 71, which is a short story, to the forefront. MT suggests there may be a method for overhauling blog traffic. But if there is, I haven't learned it yet, so any reader interested in a bit of fiction will have to scroll back a few installments to find it. For those who know even less Latin than I do, "fiction" is from that language's word for making. Facio, facere, to make. With the past participle factus, which someone decided to spell with an "i" instead of an "a". Thus, fiction is not necessarily a completely imagined business. This is an elaborate way of saying that "Grizzly Gorman" is an utterly true story, with the customary changes.
I am enormously happy with this return to this genre. It was a major part of my apprenticeship, and as coincidence has it, I just found in my journal for a few years back, for yesterday's date, a note on our watching a film, with Faye Dunnaway and Karl Maria Brandauer, based on a short story by Stephan Zweig, called "Burning Secret". I did not read this story, or indeed, very much Zweig, but I often recalled his writing and I so pleased when I made the connection at the time of seeing the movie that the event found itself in my notes, to appear at the same time in a future April. It was the Muse's sign, of course, warning me that I would one day come back to the art I once worked hard to acquire.
I've always known I would tell the Skinner stories, but assumed this would as episodes in an autobiography. The idea of make each incident stand on its own pins never occurred to me until the blog got underway. I think the idea is going to return rather often, as I've been not only having an awfully good time with it, but also finding it a way, with various publications, of somewhat coming back home from Rome.

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